Meeting Topic

Commission reviews 10-year schedule and revises as necessary

Discussion of 2021 expedited reviews


Presentation of 2021 full JLARC reviews


Public testimony hearing on 2021 full JLARC reviews


Commmission comments on 2021 JLARC reviews

Adoption of 2022 Commission meeting dates

The Citizen Commission for Performance Measurement of Tax Preferences select tax preferences from a ten-year schedule for JLARC staff to review each year.

The Commission dedicates the September meeting to hearing public testimony on the completed tax reviews.

Written public testimony can be submitted to Written public testimony will be published in its entirety on this website.

Questions for testifying parties to address on both Full JLARC Reviews and Expedited Reviews

Commissioners request that testifying parties include responses to the following four questions when presenting written or oral testimony in support of, or in opposition to, a tax preference.

Those testifying are asked to provide answers to the following questions, as well as any relevant evidence:

  1. Is there evidence that the tax preference achieved its purpose, as noted in the 2021 tax preferences reports?
  2. Do you believe this preference provides benefits in addition to those stated in its intended or inferred purpose?
  3. Do you believe the taxes associated with any increased economic activity stimulated by this tax preference exceed the preference’s loss of tax revenue?
  4. Do you believe this preference has negative consequences? For example, were other industries, workers, or the environment harmed by activities stimulated by this tax preference?

Approved at Commission Meeting May 5, 2021

Linked are the 2021 Full Reviews and the 2021 Expedited Reviews.

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