Testifying at Tax Commission Meetings

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To better inform their deliberations, Commissioners ask that stakeholders include responses to a set of questions when presenting testimony either in support or in opposition to a tax preference. Commissioners are seeking stakeholder input on all tax preferences currently under review, including both those for which JLARC audit staff has prepared analyses and recommendations (Full Report) and those for which staff has not prepared analyses or recommendations (Expedited Report).

Commissioners request stakeholders supplement their testimony by directly answering the following questions:

  1. Is there evidence that the tax preference is achieving its intended purpose, as noted in the 2013 tax preferences reports?  If so, please explain and provide documented evidence.
  2. Does the tax preference provide other benefits which are not stated in its purpose? If so, please explain.
  3. Does the tax preference stimulate economic activity that either results in additional tax revenues or reduces state budget expenditures by an amount that exceeds the direct loss of revenue from the preference?
  4. Does the tax preference have any negative consequences? For example, were other industries, workers, or the environment harmed by the economic activities stimulated by this tax preference?